Career Development for HR Professionals: The Three (3) Core Competencies of HR Auditing

In today’s competitive business environment, companies are increasingly paying attention towards hiring valuable employees who are able to help in achieving business objectives. The cornerstone to this is HR Auditing, where it ensures companies are able to not only attract talents, but also to retain them. For sustainable career development and competitiveness, HR professionals should […]

Guidelines for Implementing GD&T on Drawings

Click here to register Fundamental of GD&T Workshop! Understanding GD&T, and using it correctly, is critical to good design. Here are some guidelines to get you started. Is your company confused about where to start using geometric dimensioning and tolerancing? Do they wonder how much GD&T they should use on their drawings? Some engineers fear […]

What you should know about the Human Resource Management

Functions of HRM Human resource strategic planning, human resource planning, manpower panning, recruitment / selection, induction, orientation, training, management development, compensation development, performance appraisals, performance management ,succession planning, safety management ,staff communication etc. Human Resource Planning HRP is the process including forecasting, developing and controlling-by which a firm ensures that it has the right number […]

ISO Audit VS HR Audit: 3 Key Differences that Every Manager Should Know

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for an organization to adopt ISO standards, specifically ISO 9001 standard to ensure a total quality management. Given its exhaustive coverage on typically every aspects of an organization’s business process, it is normal for an organization to assume that the human resource (HR) perspective is completely covered. However, contrary to […]