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We’re changing the way engineers and designers learn. Our approach to continuous learning through online, on-demand, video-based courses ensures you never have to worry about keeping up with the speed of innovation.

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Professional Development

Practice makes perfect

With hands-on exercises and downloadable part files built into our video-based courses, members benefit from visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning. The ability to work alongside course instruction reinforces each lesson so members learn faster.

  • Interactive lessons
  • Practice exercises
  • Skills assessments & review tests
  • Downloadable part files

Sharpen your skills in a wide variety of topics

As the industry evolves, it’s important to be prepared with the right software and tools for every job. We work with experts across the industry to create courses covering CAD, CAM, Simulation/Analysis, BIM, data management, visualization, prototyping, and more.

  • Leading engineering software titles
  • Fundamental theory-based courses
  • New courses added every month
  • Courses updated with new software releases
  • Specific to engineering, design, & manufacturing

Measure your progress and share your achievements

With more than 9 million engineers on LinkedIn, it’s important that you are not only confident in your abilities, but also that you can prove your expertise. Our platform is built to help you test your skills and stand out with industry recognized certifications.

  • Earn Technical Certificates
  • Prepare for industry certifications
  • Course review tests

What others say about us

“For me, the main benefit is being able to quickly add another tool to my bag. The more software packages I can be familiar with, the more valuable I am to my employer.The more software packages I can be familiar with, the more valuable I am to my employer.”

Will Gibbons
Will GibbonsSoftware Trainer at Luxion, Inc.

“SolidProfessor is a great resource, not only for onboarding novice users, but also for someone experienced like me. I started using SolidProfessor personally, and when I grew into the CAD admin role, I knew that my team would benefit from having the same resource. Working with up to a hundred engineers that interact with SOLIDWORKS, it’s really almost impossible to set up continuous training without a resource to help.

Adrian Velazquez
Adrian VelazquezCAD Administrator for Dexcom

SolidProfessor has significantly improved our team’s efficiency We needed a way to ensure that our employees are staying on top of the design software. SolidProfessor has significantly improved our team’s efficiency within SolidWorks. They’re much more comfortable using different tools, shortcuts, mouse gestures, hot-keys, etc. Even employees that have been working with SolidWorks for years are picking up these time savers and gaining efficiency.”

Jonas Blankenship
Jonas BlankenshipCAD Administrator at Zodiac Pools

“SolidProfessor gives our team a method to re-orientate themselves on what they’ve forgotten, and also allows them to pick up best practices and new design techniques along the way. We researched a couple other online training options alongside SolidProfessor, but as soon as I completed my online tour I knew that SolidProfessor was the right decision for my team. The videos were not long and drawn out, which is great because we engineers sometimes have short attention spans. SolidProfessor presents the topics in concise chunks, making it much easier to consume. I’ve also found that when someone on my team gets pulled away from SolidProfessor, it’s easier for them to dive back in where they left off.

Wayne Schafer
Wayne SchaferKawasaki